About us

Kerala Association of Canada received its government approval as a Non-Profit Organization in 2019 and started its activities from January 2020 onwards in Canada. Along with our community focused Cultural and Traditional activities in Canada, we are also going to focus on day-to-day events in Kerala and get involved in social commitments.  We would be getting associated with various non-profit and Government organizations in Canada and Kerala with the motto of promoting cultural unity among all of us.

Our Mission

The objectives of Kerala Association of Canada shall be:

  1. To inculcate both social and cultural involvements within the Canadian Malayalees.
  2. To promote multi-culturalism and recognize young talents.
  3. To help new students and immigrants to settle down in the community.


4. To provide guidance and assistance to help those who are struggling with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

5. To be associated with various associations and organizations in Canada and Kerala to work towards the betterment of human beings who are underprivileged in our society irrespective of sex, caste, color or creed.